Friday, February 20, 2009


So tonight,my husband taught me Fluxx. This insanely complicated game. I won't even try to explain it, because the rules "fluxxuate". Anyways, we are playing the game and I beat him three times in a row! Either I really kick butt at this game, or he is a really good teacher.
***I just really kick butt at this game :)
Anyone who wants to challenge me, BRING IT!

Monday, February 9, 2009

To new and old friends...

Welcome to Shannon's blog! This is my first time blogging (I bet everyone says that the first time) and I figured I would start off by saying welcome to my friends and family!

I have so many wonderful people in life. These are just some of the wonderful people that I have surrounded myself with. My husband, Bill, the love of my life, and my book group friends (at BEA). These people are amazing, smart, and full of life! I am blessed to have each one of them in my life!
My life wouldn't be complete without talking about my parents. They are very good people and very good to me, although they do drive me crazy sometimes (but that is what parents are suppose to

Even with my tight-knit and loving group of friends, I recently made some NEW friends. I was picked to participate in a Chinese student teacher exchange program at my school. Six students from WuYi University observed in my classroom. Backy, (the shortest one in the picture), was my student teacher. She and I became very close over the three weeks she was here. I learned so many new things about the Chinese culture. I realized that although I am very accepting of other cultures and religions, there are things that I still didn't understand. I found myself asking about stereotypes to Backy because I didn't understand her ways. I feel I have a better understanding of the Chinese culture.

Let me tell you about some of the things I learned about their culture. First, dating. Most of the girls have boyfriends, but do not tell their parents about them. They keep their relationship very secret. She also said that American boys treat their girlfriends/wives better than Chinese men do! She can't go hiking and she has not had a drink because she is a girl and there are stricter rules.
One of the most interesting things I learned was when the girls gave us their business cards, it was suppose to be done very ceremonially. They give you the card with both hands and it should be facing towards you. This is done, so you as the receiver, must admire the craftsmanship of the card.

The picture with the girls was the night that they made us a traditional Chinese dinner. All I can say is WOWOOOOOWWW! Some of the most tasty and mouthwatering food I have ever eaten. I enjoyed eating the "Chinese" way. We had small bowls, no plates. We filled them with white rice and the Chinese food. I noticed that all of the Americans at the table at with their bowls down on the table, and the Chinese girls ate with their bowls close to their mouth. We all ate with chopsticks. It was hysterical to watch my principal eat with chopsticks. That was really the first time he had ever eaten with them! I have to say, way to go Matt!

So, there it is! My first blog! I am bad at endings, so....uh..The End