Friday, May 22, 2009

British Accent vs British Accent

Have you ever had that urge to want to talk in a British accent just for fun? Or answer the phone to an unknown caller using a British accent? I have always wanted to do that, and tonight, I did.
I have been getting this unknown number on my phone and I usually don't answer the number but I was getting pissed off because they were calling so much. Tonight I decide to answer. In the sassiest of British accents I answered, "Hello". On the other end was an equally sassy British accent asking for Shannon. CRAP! THE PERSON ON THE OTHER END IS BRITISH! The British lady continued to speak and said, "I just want you to be aware that this call will be monitored for quality assurance." Bugger! At this point I had to continue with the accent. I tried to say as little as possible, and I did. I was just hoping she was not going to ask me where I was from. I don't know enough about England to answer that question...uh, London...?
So, I got out of that predicament ok with a funny story to add to my blog!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The "whoops" clause

I am instating the "whoops" clause! What is the "whoops" clause you ask? Well it is much like the Steve Urkel "Did I do that", but updated and so much less annoying. Tonight as Bill and I were driving home, we were getting off the freeway. I asked how long the "No turn on red" sign had been posted. He replied, "Uh, since we moved in". Now, we have been in our house a year and I swear that sign just popped up out of nowhere. I am thinking the sign gnomes put it out there just to screw with me.
I could only reply with "whoops". My husband just laughed and said, "oh baby". And then I got to thinking, if I could get out of that with a simple "whoops", then I bet I could get out of a lot of other things too! Get pulled over by a cop for running a red light, just tell the officer, "whoops" and smile politely. Accidentally smash a cake in someone's face, "whoops". The possibilities are endless!
------------continuation of clause----------------------------------------
So tonight I got in a car accident. So bad, totally sucks, front end of the car is a mess. I am super upset and have been crying all night. So to lighten the mood, my husband looked at me, and being the best guy ever, said, it was ok and everything would be ok. And I said, "whoops". He laughed so hard he was crying. And to tell you the truth, it made me feel a bit better watching him laugh. :) So goes the "whoops" clause

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Burning bras and blisters

Tonight I had a very liberating experience. One of those "Let's burn our bra" experiences. Granted, I can't literally burn my bra because my boobs would hang to my knees, but that is a whole other can of tomatoes.
I went to the mall to meet up with my hubby and I was dressed up for my school's annual Awards Night. By the time I found him in the Apple store, the balls of my feet were covered in blisters. Two blisters on each foot the size of large pencil erasers.
As we got up to leave I promptly told my hubby I needed new shoes and I couldn't survive the rest of the night with the shoes I had on. So without hesitation, I walked into a store Naturalizers, shoes formed from the clouds Zeus himself sits on, picked out a pair of shoes (without looking at the price which I NEVER DO), and purchased them. The Flintstones episode where Wilma and Betty go shopping and yell "Charge it" came to mind!
The cashier even sweetened the deal with 20% off if I signed up to receive a catalog...uh,duh! I put my old torture shoes in the shoe box and he asked me if I wanted him to dispose of the evil shoes. I said, "yes, thank you". Mr. Cashier of course had to add the disclaimer that if he disposed of the shoes I couldn't get them back. I looked down at my feet floating slightly off the ground and replied with a "no, take them away".
My husband and I walked out of there and in 10 minutes, I had a new pair of shoes!

I have never done something like that before. Go in, know what I want, buy it and walk out. It was so liberating. I think we all need to do that once in a while. Just a fun impulse buy that will make us feel good. Something we don't need. I think we all get wrapped up in what we need, that we forget that sometimes, it is just nice to buy something fun for a change. Enjoy life. It is the little things that matter.