Monday, May 11, 2009

The "whoops" clause

I am instating the "whoops" clause! What is the "whoops" clause you ask? Well it is much like the Steve Urkel "Did I do that", but updated and so much less annoying. Tonight as Bill and I were driving home, we were getting off the freeway. I asked how long the "No turn on red" sign had been posted. He replied, "Uh, since we moved in". Now, we have been in our house a year and I swear that sign just popped up out of nowhere. I am thinking the sign gnomes put it out there just to screw with me.
I could only reply with "whoops". My husband just laughed and said, "oh baby". And then I got to thinking, if I could get out of that with a simple "whoops", then I bet I could get out of a lot of other things too! Get pulled over by a cop for running a red light, just tell the officer, "whoops" and smile politely. Accidentally smash a cake in someone's face, "whoops". The possibilities are endless!
------------continuation of clause----------------------------------------
So tonight I got in a car accident. So bad, totally sucks, front end of the car is a mess. I am super upset and have been crying all night. So to lighten the mood, my husband looked at me, and being the best guy ever, said, it was ok and everything would be ok. And I said, "whoops". He laughed so hard he was crying. And to tell you the truth, it made me feel a bit better watching him laugh. :) So goes the "whoops" clause

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