Friday, June 5, 2009

Update 48 hour Book Challenge!

Well, I am off to a slow start today. After lunch with my mommy and her wonderful friends, I had intended to started reading, but unfortunately, I had some serious back pain and had to take some pain meds to dull it. :(
I officially started off around 2:45 p.m. today.
I began by reading Faeries of Dreamdark, but it wasn't a faery kind of day, so I moved on to Pride Prejudice and Zombies! HOLY CRAP! That book ROCKS! I am in having the best time with that book. It is funny to read about Elizabeth Bennett slashing off zombie heads and Mr. Collins marrying a zombie! I guess it WAS a zombie kind of day. Then, my hubby came home and distracted me for a bit with some awesome mail! I received my BBC Robin Hood DVDs! WOO HOO! I was so excited I decided to cuddle with Jonas Armstrong (a.k.a. Robin Hood) for a bit while I read (see picture).
I read some more, got some dinner, got some coffee
(thank you Coffee Rush and now I am back to it. I am hoping to get in about 6-7 hours of reading tonight. Now, I am switching books, because I tend to have nightmares (I have a wild imagination) The book I am currently reading is Fool, by Christopher Moore.
More to come soon! Happy Reading!

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  1. You backstabber... cuddling with Jonas... We'll just see about that!