Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking through the Scotomas!

I have decided to make this summer a summer of discovery for myself. I took this 21 Keys Seminar at the beginning of the summer. It was a self help seminar. One of those "think positively and anything is possible" type deals. I am all up for that and I do try to think positive on a regular basis, but one of the most interesting things I got from the seminar was the idea of a scotoma. A scotoma is a blind spot. When you do don't want to try something new, you develop a scotoma to it. I am learning this summer to wipe some of my scotomas away and I have to say, it has been very liberating.

One of the first things I did this summer was actually blogging and letting people know about my blog! It was a big deal for me! That came with the 48 hour Book Challenge! I also started writing more frequently. I started working with a writing group and it has forced me to sit down and WRITE!
This summer I even changed it up with my routine in the gym. I went to a zumba class. It is a dance aerobics class using hip-hop, salsa, and other Latin dances to getting you moving and sweating. I stood in the back and fumbled my way through some of the moves, but did it with a huge smile on my face! I have always wanted to take a dance class, so I am hoping if I can catch on to some of these moves, then maybe a beginning dance class is in my near future.
My next scotoma to overcome, spin class! AHH! SCARY!!
Another scotoma I had to overcome, was the mall. I have been working on my fashion. I have always been one of those t-shirt and jeans kind of girls. And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but I had this friend who always brought me down and made me feel like I needed to wear really dim and dull colors. She always gave me the wrong advice and honestly, now that I look back on it, I know she wasn't a good friend, hence, why we are not friends anymore. Now, I am so excited because I love wearing color and patterns and trying new styles and arrangements. The mall, which used to be a scary place for me, is now a palace of fashion and style; a place where I can find new ways to express myself.
I have been opening my eyes to the world around me. There is so many amazing things to do and see. I have been reading magazines and taking down websites and researching. I saw a cool restaruant advertized on a car and am going to try it out.

I am going to the San Diego Comicon this summer! I can't even fathom who and what I will see there but I am going to be open to learning and seeing new things. Not closing my eyes and building my blind spot. Look out world! HERE I COME!


  1. Do I get credit for breaking you out of your blogging scotoma since I'm the one who accidentally blabbed about it in the first place? (Scotoma: from the Greek for "darkness." I was curious. I looked it up.)

  2. Hi There,
    It has been so long. Would love to catch up sometime. Email me. My first and last name 2

    -Aurora A :)