Sunday, June 7, 2009


So before I go into the details of my journey, here is a table of what I did over the past 48 hours:

This is my first 48 Hour Book Challenge and it was a TON of fun! I was able to catch up on some of the books I have been meaning to read, but just haven't gotten to. I do have to say, sitting on my butt for as long as I did was a bit of a challenge. I am not one to just sit. I feel guilty when I just SIT! But I guess that is life; always moving and never taking time out for ourselves.

Above is a picture of my puppers Jersey, who is now famous (see blog entry below). She was sitting by my side for the majority of my reading probably to catch whatever snacks I was dropping. I have also included the books I read for the challenge. Oh, and if you can see the BBC Robin Hood, I threw that in for my friend Bethany just to show her I have been snuggling up with her Robin Hood while read (I fear a duel coming soon because of that).
I have reported about Fool, Pride Prejudice and Zombies, and The Watchmen. I started Tales of Beedle the Bard, but I wasn't in the mood. It was cute, but not in the mood. Then I started reading Girl, 15, Charming, but Insane by Sue Limb. It is such a fast read and super cute! It is about a girl who is just trying to figure herself out. She wants the cute boy, bigger boobs, and a normal mother, just like most of us gals did when we were 15. It is worth a read.
I also finished the manuscript I was reading. As I said before..AWESOME!
So, total number of books read: FIVE! WOO HOO! I was pretty shocked at that count! All in all this challenge was a new experience and a well worth it. It was so wonderful to start networking and seeing other blogs . There are so many intelligent people out there I have yet to meet and this challenge really opened up my eyes to what amazing humans we have walking around on this planet!
Until now, I have not told many people about my blog, so it was a liberating experience to say the least. I plan on continuing to write more without fear .
I have to end with the millions of thank yous. #1: To tea, coffee, soda, and any other caffeinated beverages. Without you, I would not have been able to stay up so long. #2: Thank you Pita Jungle and Spicy Pickle. Without you, I would have had to cook. #3: Thank you my WONDERFUL HUSBAND BILL! Without you, I could not have posted pictures, had a formatted table for my hours of reading and blogging, or had time to read! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!
#4: Thank you to all of my friends and fellow bloggers out there with kind words to keep me going! You all rock as well!
That about wraps it up! Sorry the end sounds like a bad Oscar speech.
To all of you still reading out there, keep on plugging away! You are superstars!
Until next time...
Happy Reading!


  1. Oh honey... I've been snuggling up with Robin Hood long before you were. He's used goods to you, girl.

  2. yeah, but I guess he is ready for a change and is tired of the same old mutton. :)

  3. Your tribute to coffee was very moving...and very deserving! I loved that table and hope I remember to do that next year. It makes the stats so much easier to read!

  4. Sounds like the end of a good 48 Hour Book Challenge speech to me! Great job! I admire your spreadsheet, as I have hot pink post-it notes scattered about me like leaves in the fall.

  5. Amazing! And I love the colorful spreadsheet. :-)

  6. I'm sorry... did you just call me "mutton"? What, you read five books and then start comparing me to the meat of domestic sheep?

    It's on.

  7. Thank you to all!
    And Bep..BRING IT!

  8. Great job, I hope to see you participating again next year! I like your chart!

  9. Your spreadsheet is awesome! I tried to keep everything in my head and Twitter updates. Congrats on a great time!